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Download Wonder 1.60

Download Wonder 1.60: Comprehensive utility for downloading Internet files and organizing them offline download amnesia" from the inventors of pcANYWHERE™, is a comprehensive utility that efficiently downloads files from the Internet and organizes those downloaded files offline. Download Wonder enhances the download process by adding the ability to download faster, resume interrupted partial downloads, intuitively organize downloads, manage simultaneous downloads, and maintain your Internet and AOL connections while downloading files. Download Wonder

Retriever 2.1: Retriever supports HTTP, FTP, Metalink and BitTorrent
Retriever 2.1

download mirrors. Ability to segment downloads so only a portion of the file will be downloaded. In the case of multi file torrents individual files can be selected for download. Scheduled downloading. Pausable downloading. Execute external application on download start and/or completion. Segmented downloading from multiple servers. User customizable icons. See Retriever`s help documentation for details. Simultaneous download of a single file from

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Aktiv Download Manager 2.8.0: Aktiv Download Manager is a program that handles your downloads fast and secure.
Aktiv Download Manager 2.8.0

Aktiv Download Manager is a most needed tool for those looking impatiently for the next download. The application is developed to manage downloads, pause and resume downloads, queue downloads, or search for downloads. This software comes with an adaptive download accelerator, dynamic file segmentation, and multipart downloading technology to considerably improve the download process.

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Download Ninja Download Ninja - Internet Download Manager
Download Ninja

downloads. Download Ninja speeds up your downloads by splitting each file into chunks logical chunks and downloading each chunk using a different connection to the server, the result of this is much more reliable and fast downloads. Download Ninja is 100% free to use on as many computers as you like. Resume Downloads Resume your downloads after stopping without having to restart them from the beginning Download Acceleration Increase your download

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MyDownloader 1.5: A free, fast and easy download manager for resuming and managing downloads
MyDownloader 1.5

download manager for resuming and managing Internet downloads MyDownloader is a free, fast and easy download manager for resuming and managing downloads from internet. Unlike other downloader programs of this kind, it is completely free; it does not contain any form of adware, spyware, malware or viruses. MyDownloader is dedicated to all Internet users world wide. With MyDownloader, you may easily download and well manage your favorite programs,

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ResumeGrabber Suite - Download Desktop Resume Parsing Software 2012: Software to extract resumes from  social networks, Job boards, search engine , O
ResumeGrabber Suite - Download Desktop Resume Parsing Software 2012

ResumeGrabber Suite mass imports resumes from Google and other search engine results, social networks,free resume portals, Outlook email folders, PC folders and more. The software uses resume parsing technology to accurately capture resumes and the candidate contact information contained in it. It also uses powerful resume validation to pull only resumes and ignore other non-resume files. The auto resume link detection technology allows you to extract

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GetBot 3.04: Pause, resume, accelerate and recover downloads. Get everything in a site.
GetBot 3.04

Pause and resume downloads, get a huge list of files, and get everything in a site with GetBot - the free, no spyware download manager for Windows. GetBot is relentless, recovering broken downloads from errors and busy servers. Accelerate downloads with unlimited connections, even within a file. Download media that plays automatically in your browser. Get all the pictures on a page, or every video in an entire site. Find out more at

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